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The School of Mind

Meditation Centre offering Guided Meditation Courses and Self-Hypnosis Workshops in North London and South Devon
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Would you like to plant something beautiful in the garden of your mind? Spring 2020 dates for our Self-hypnosis Training Workshops coming soon.


Running in a New Tooth:
I have a new tooth! Hurrah! It feels beautiful. I like running my tongue over it. It feels so smooth. The old one was rough and decayed with two fillings, one had collapsed, and the other felt sharp and protruding. Now though, I have a beautiful new one. I munch with it; I...

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Holding Pattern:

If the birds were to ever evolve into having the kind of consciousness, we currently touch, what would they do with it? Would they become aware of their freedom? Or would they be like humans and decide to cut off their wings, to eventually revert; becoming lost in their instinct...

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Meditation and Self-Hypnosis Courses

  • Afternoon Group Meditation and Mindfulness Training

    Whether experienced or beginner, our course is designed to either add to your existing skills, or smoothly guide you through your early first steps. We believe in a no nonsense approach to teaching, and seek to remove much of the unnecessary confusion and mysticism, surrounding the gentle art of meditation.
  • Self-Hypnosis Workshop

    What do you need Hypnosis or Meditation? During a meditative state, we seek to raise our conscious awareness, so we may better understand the nature of our thoughts. Hypnosis differs in some respects to this. Even though the word hypnosis originates from the Greek word hupnos, meaning sleep, we must not confuse it as such. Whilst 'under' hypnosis, we are in fact wide awake. All that has altered is our state of mind. This altered state concerns the bypassing of consciousness, so we may open the mind sufficiently, to gain access to our unconscious processing. It is often our unconscious beliefs and understandings, that directly conflict, with our conscious desires. As such, learning the skill of self-hypnosis, awards us the ability to directly alter those things that unconsciously hold us back.
  • Full day Self-awareness Workshop

    Raised self-awareness has to be one of the most powerful means of improving the quality of our lives. In real terms, the way in which this is achieved, is quite simple. The tools and information required, in order to begin the process of raising self-awareness, can be shared within one day. We begin by discussing the importance of how brief examination of the past, highlights any difficulties we may be facing, in the present. This includes our beliefs: how they are formed and how they continue to help or hinder our thinking in the present moment. Mindful understanding, of the extent to which the past influences the present, automatically raises our self-awareness.The techniques we teach, for recognising and removing the buried beliefs and character traits that seem to limit us through life, have proven invaluable. The School of Mind is committed to empowering you with these skills and resources.

About the school

The School of Mind (a division of The Freedman College) has its administration office based in Dartmouth South Devon, offering training, in North London. The school specialises in meditation classes and self-hypnosis workshops. 

It is now well understood how the power of meditation can help us in our everyday lives. From reducing stress, to releasing many of the worries modern day life can bring, we will help you train your mind in methods established thousands of years ago. 

During the very first session, you will experience a brief history lesson, devoted to understanding the origin, of these ancient ways. You will then be gently introduced to meditation, bringing the mind into the present moment, through correct posture and breath awareness. 

How far you choose to advance and explore meditation and self-hypnosis techniques, will be entirely, up to you. Initially, group sessions of guided meditation will be recommended, before being offered the opportunity for more advanced training in self-hypnosis techniques.
The school has been recently established, as a division of The Freedman College, by the author and former Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist Philip Whittingham (DCAHyp). Philip closely adheres to a number of Buddhist beliefs and philosophies, yet believes the art of meditation, can never be tied to any specific religion. He remains passionate about imparting the knowledge and wisdom he has gained from over twenty years of study. 

Currently we have a myriad of valuable life skills, and self-help techniques, available to us all. Skills and techniques, that have empowered many individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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